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My Superhero Grandpa

My Superhero Grandpa

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(hardcover) (U.S. Only)

Children's Moonbeam Book Award Winner.
Amazon's Top Ranked and Best Seller. 

Is your little one grieving the loss of a loved one? 
My Superhero Grandpa is a beautiful story of a boy and his beloved grandpa, who watches over him with superpowers, even though grandpa is in Heaven. 

My Superhero Grandpa is told through the eyes of the child, who celebrates that he is never alone or scared because his grandpa is always near. This sweet, sentimental story will help to start the conversation with children who are grieving.  It will help little ones understand and cope with the loss. My Superhero Grandpa is cheerfully illustrated and uplifting, a story that will bring hope in place of sadness.

Michele McAvoy, is also the author of multi-award-winning picture book, COOKIE & MILK (2019), THE GORILLA PICKED ME!, and BUCKINGHAM GETS A NEW SHELL.  
She is a contributor to the Children's Writer's Guild with her piece entitled "Writing for Children's Through Tragedy" as well as presents to children's grief groups about the power of writing through grief. 

Michele is the creator and host of the popular children's literature podcast "My Messy Muse," which she began to inspire other creatives to create through the messiness of life. 

Embrace the opportunity to connect with your little one during a difficult time, with the award-winning picture book, 
My Superhero Grandpa.

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