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Cabby Potts, Duchess of Dirt

Cabby Potts, Duchess of Dirt

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(paperback) (U.S. Only)

"A rousing read"Kirkus Reviews

"Great historical detail and wonderful, appealing characters in this delightful story told by the clever Cabby Potts, a kindhearted Kansas prairie girl who’s filled with gumption and grit." - Anne O'Brien Carelli, author of Skylark & Wallcreeper

"This historical fiction story set in the 1870’s, is a fast-paced trip to the days of homesteading on the Kansas prairies.... The author does a wonderful job grounding the reader in time and place with period details and appropriate phrasing and language of the era.... The characters are well-rounded and engaging, making for a quick read. Readers will enjoy Cabby’s antics and feisty demeanor as she navigates the unfamiliar world of the wealthy. A highly recommended debut. " - Darlene Beck Jacobson, author of Wheels of Change and Wishes, Dares, and How to Stand up to a Bully.

Housemaid? What a horrible word! Not that I’d ever actually seen a housemaid, but I could picture one: a meek, aproned, pale-faced girl who never saw the sun."

When her parents force her to work at grand Ashford Manor, 12-year-old Cabby Potts will do anything to escape, including playing matchmaker between her sister and the rich young lord of the manor. If it succeeds, her scheme will save her family’s struggling homestead. If it fails . . .

Can Cabby find the courage to stand up for her family, a Native American friend, and an entire community threatened by land-grabbers?

A historical middle-grade novel that drops you into 1870’s Kansas, with humor, heart, and a dash of romance.
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